Tuesday 13 March 2012

Would You?

Would you stop talking to hear me for a while?
Would you let the while last long enough for me to say how I really feel?
Would you hearing the way I feel make you continue to listen?
Would you listening to me make me feel comfortable enough to pour out my heart?
Would you notice that while I'm pouring out my heart that I'm holding back tears?
Would you pay attention if my tears were to pour as well?
Would you console me as I LET IT ALL FLOW?
Would you console me to stop hearing what I have to say?
Would you hope that I can get past how I feel?
Would you say you'll always be there?
Would you wipe away my tears?
Would you kiss my lips and tell me it'll be okay?
Would you marry me?
Would you be realistic?
You wouldn't.


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